20 OCTOBER, 2019

Insulation Contractors in Minneapolis| Save More Energy With Cellulose!

Did you know that cellulose insulation is the most green and environmentally friendly insulation you could choose to use for your Minneapolis home insulation project? Not only does it help control the temperature within your Minneapolis home, but it has so many other benefits in the long term, for you, your home, and the environment in the long term! The cellulose used in this insulation method, is produced from a renewable natural resource and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Compared to other insulation materials such as, fiberglass and spray foam, cellulose insulation requires little energy in its production.  Fiberglass requires about ten times more energy in its production, and spray foam – even more than fiberglass!

Insulation Contractors in Minneapolis|

insulation contractors in minneapolis

An interesting fact about cellulose insulation is that it is made up of recycled material – mostly recycled newspaper! Isn’t that amazing? Would you ever think that recycled newspaper could help insulate your Minneapolis MN home and provide you with increased comfort and savings in terms of heating and cooling bills for the rest of your life? Fiberglass insulation is also partially made from recycled materials, making it positive towards the environment as well. However, spray foam insulation is not produced from any level of recycled products – it is created brand new. By recycling newspapers and using them in home insulation, instead of throwing them away in large garbage dumps and landfills for burning, we can prevent greenhouse gas emissions overall.  And at the same time, improve the temperature in our homes and reducing the load on our HVAC systems.

Insulation Contractors in Minneapolis| Century Insulation Minneapolis!

What make cellulose a great option for your Minneapolis home insulation project is the fact that it is so readily accessible almost anywhere on the globe! Minnesota is a green state and has high incentives for households who recycle. Therefore, ask your local Minnesota Insulation Company for the details on the use and benefits of cellulose insulation, and let them inspect your home and see if cellulose insulation would be the best option for your space.

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