20 OCTOBER, 2019

Century Insulation provides Attic Insulation and Ventilation Services for all of St. Cloud, MN. Our attic insulation and ventilation services combine a two-pronged approach in ensuring that your St. Cloud home or business gets the right amount of airflow and that the roof and attic receive the appropriate amount of evenly-placed insulation. And when this is done, it will assist your building with heat loss, water damage, mildew, mold growth, and other potential harm to the structural components.

Ice Dam Prevention St. Cloud

Poor attic insulation, when paired with improper ventilation, can create damaging ice dam issues in the winter months, which is the majority of the year in this state. We can do an ice dam analysis and repair on your home if necessary, and this saves our customers thousands of dollars in costly roof repairs that are not typically covered by insurance plans. And countless property owners can confirm that prevention is a much more affordable and simpler option than repairs – particularly when structural integrity is involved.

Proper Indoor Air Circulation

Attic Insulation St Cloud MN

The cutaway image below demonstrates how air should flow in a properly insulated home. Soffit vents under the roofline pull air from outside of the home; and this air comes across the roof insulation plug and up into what is termed an “air chute” – basically, a channel that runs directly under the roof’s backing board. This also allows your home to support a well-circulated atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy.

This chute enables air to flow from the exterior of the house as well as from the top of vents that release pent-up attic heat up into the atmosphere. This enables your home stay cool and insulated during the warmer temperatures of the summer months.

Attic Insulation St Cloud MN | Attic Ventilation St Cloud MN

Energy Efficiency Inspection

Century Insulation offers free energy efficiency inspections for homeowners in St. Cloud. We will come in and take a gander at the attic, walls, and the rest of your insulation and determine if there are any air leaks and, if so, what steps should be done in order for us to improve efficiency. We will check the air sealing, look for ice dam possibilities, and uncover any gaps in insulation. Furthermore, an energy efficiency inspection and upgrades from Century Insulation can be done in conjunction with an energy rebate from the energy company.

Energy Rebates for Attic Insulation & Ventilation

As you may know, many energy companies now provide residential rebates for homeowners in St. Cloud who upgrade their attic insulation ventilation / air sealing performance. And while this is most certainly true, rebates are only given out if the upgrades are performed by a certified and preferred insulation contractor. And the certification must come from the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and insulation installers and contractors must have proof of this certification and it has to be in good standing. Energy companies also have their own preference for contractors and at Century Insulation, we are proud to let you know that we are a preferred insulation installer for Xcel Energy and Centerpoint Energy. After we perform our air sealing and attic insulation services, your St. Cloud house will run more efficiently, you will save money on all future energy bills, and everything will come at an awesome discount to you.

Attic Insulation St Cloud MN | Attic Ventilation St Cloud MN

Attic Insulation for Every Situation

At Century Insulation, our professionals have the expertise to know exactly which kind of insulation will be suitable for filling the gaps in your attic. A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. Different attics and circulation systems require different kinds of insulation. We will work to determine which type of insulation is the best option for your residence while keeping cost-effectiveness and efficiency in mind.

Ventilation Experts St. Cloud

Is your St. Cloud home or other property sufficiently ventilated? If not, it could be costing you greatly. Our free insulation consultations will assess your insulation requirements and help to conclude the most effective course of action for your St. Cloud residence. Contact Century Insulation today at (763) 270-8765.

Attic Ventilation St Cloud MN

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