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Frequently Asked Questions About Spray Foam Insulation (Part 3)

FAQs Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is one of the top home improvement projects homeowners choose to increase the comfort of their homes and save money on their energy bills. Questions about spray foam insulation aren’t uncommon, especially with newer material technology that has become popular over the past decade. Here are some FAQs answered: FAQs Spray Foam Insulation

How Does Spray Foam Protect My Home?

Spray foam insulation protects your home in several ways. The first thing spray foam does is keep bugs and pests out. By sealing all the cracks and crevices in your walls, it prevents insects from entering your home. The same goes for water—spray foam is waterproof, so it keeps moisture out of your walls. If you’ve ever had a leaky roof or basement, you know how important that can be! Finally, spray foam improves air quality by keeping pollutants (like dust) from getting into your home. It also helps reduce mold growth by preventing moisture from getting into places where mold likes to grow (like under sinks).

Is Spray Foam Insulation Worth the Cost?

Spray foam insulation is a good investment. It’s more energy-efficient than other types of insulation, it’s more durable than other types of insulation, and it’s less expensive than other types of insulation. You’ll save money on your utility bills over time because you don’t have to replace your spray foam as often as you would if you used fiberglass or cellulose. In addition, because spray foam does not settle or sag like fiberglass does (especially in large open spaces), it requires little maintenance for years after installation—saving even more money for homeowners over time!

Which Areas Will Benefit Most From Having Spray Foam Installed?

Spray foam insulation is best for basements, crawl spaces, attics, garage floors, and interior walls. Spray foam can be used to insulate:

  • Basements — Basement walls are usually buried in the earth and not exposed to the elements above ground. Therefore they require an extra layer of protection from moisture damage and must be able to withstand pressure from soil outside.
  • Crawlspaces — Crawlspaces are often damp or must endure exposure to wet soil near foundations or flood zones due to heavy rainfall or flooding conditions.
  • Attics — The attic is the area that is at the top of your house that can be a way for the outside to seep in. The attic can often be an area that is forgotten but is important for keeping your home’s temperature consistent. There can be small gaps between the roof and the attic that air leaks through. Spray foam insulation is a good attic insulation that can seal up all those small holes and gaps. 

Spray foam insulation is a great option. It’s safe, reliable, and can last for years after installation. If you’re considering using spray foam in your home, make sure to hire an experienced, professional contractor to install it like Century Insulation in Fridley, Minnesota. We will be able to complete the work quickly and efficiently, assuring that you get the most out of your new insulation system. Contact us today to help with your next insulation project!

FAQs Spray Foam Insulation

FAQs Spray Foam Insulation

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