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How to Keep My Home Cool This Summer? (Part 1)

How to Keep My Home Cool This Summer

Are you ready for summer? But are not looking forward to the hot temperatures, especially in your home? We are here to help! Whether you are living in a small apartment, a condo, or a house, we have some tips to keep your home cool during the hot months. Here are some ways to keep your home cool this summer: How to Keep My Home Cool This Summer

Insulate Your Walls

To keep your home cool, it’s important to insulate the walls. Spray foam insulation is a great option for this, as it expands and fills in any small gaps between the studs on your walls and creates an air barrier to prevent heat from escaping. If you’re not ready to go that route but still want some extra insulation around your house, consider cellulose insulation or fiberglass insulation instead.

Insulate Your Attic

Insulating your attic is a great way to keep your home cool during the summer months. In addition to keeping you cool, attic insulation can also help with the following:

  • Keeps your home warm in winter
  • Improves energy efficiency by reducing heating costs and increases comfort by preventing hot air from escaping through ceiling vents or cracks in the ductwork
  • Helps protect against drafts, which can lead to water damage or mold growth on walls and ceilings below it
  • Reduces noise caused by wind passing through gaps around an uninsulated attic hatch

Air Seal Your Home

Air sealing is one of the most effective ways to keep your home cool and comfortable. Air sealing is a great way for homeowners to reduce their energy bills, as well as make their homes more comfortable. Air sealing helps you save money and improve your home’s overall efficiency. Air sealing can be done yourself, but if you have any doubts about doing it correctly, consider hiring a professional contractor instead. The cost of hiring an expert can be worthwhile because they will prevent problems from occurring later down the line by making sure that everything is done correctly during this process.

Updating the insulation in your walls, attic and air sealing your home are all great actions you can take to keep your home cool this summer. A local insulation contractor can help with insulation and air sealing. Contact Century Insulation near New Brighton, Minnesota today so we can help insulate your home to get it ready for the summer heat. 

How to Keep My Home Cool This Summer

How to Keep My Home Cool This Summer

How to Keep My Home Cool This Summer

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