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3 Things That Are Making Your Home Cold & Drafty

Insulation Companies Near Minneapolis MN

Is your home always drafty and colder than you would like it to be in winter? When your home is chronically cold and drafty, there are usually underlying causes behind it. Here are 3 things to know about that might be making your home cold and drafty in wintertime: Insulation Companies Near Minneapolis MN

Insufficient Sealing

One of the most common causes of air leaks or drafts in homes is caused by insufficient sealing. This means that there are areas of your home that haven’t been properly sealed, like your attic, chimney, air ducts, etc., and they have become a source of air leaks, which allows drafts to enter your home. Not only does insufficient sealing leave your home feeling cold and drafty, but it also makes your home less energy-efficient, meaning that you are most likely wasting more energy than is necessary and wasting money on your monthly utility bills.

Lack of Proper Attic Insulation

Another reason why your home probably has issues with drafts is because your attic lacks adequate attic insulation. Attic insulation has a major impact on your home’s energy-efficiency and on the presence (or lack thereof) of drafts in your home. If the insulation in your attic is old and outdated, has become damaged, and/or is simply lacking, then it can become a major source of air leaks/drafts for your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to top off or replace the insulation in your attic every so often so that your attic insulation can continue to do its job.

Your Windows & Doors

Lastly, your windows and doors can also be a source of air leaks and drafts for your home as well. The reason is because cold air easily can leak into your home via your window panes and from underneath your doors if they aren’t properly sealed. That’s why glazing your windows and/or using heavy curtains/drapes to prevent drafts and using draft-stoppers in front of your doors are recommended, in order to prevent cold air from finding its way into your home.

If you’re in need of any insulation or air sealing services, then don’t hesitate to contact your local insulation company in Minneapolis MN, Century Insulation, today.

Insulation Companies Near Minneapolis MN

Insulation Companies Near Minneapolis MN

Insulation Companies Near Minneapolis MN

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