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Insulation Rebates MN | Save Money By Calling Century Insulation!

Insulation Rebates MNNow is a great time to Save Money by installing Money Saving Insulation MN. Century Insulation is the insulation contractor in Minneapolis that you need to callf or your next project! Energy Efficient Spray Foam is one of the best rated insulation products for use in residential applications. Energy companies are currently campaigning to get their residential customers to upgrade existing insulation. They are offering Insulation Rebates for quality insulation services that will also lower your monthly bills for heating and cooling. Only qualifying projects completed by Certified Minnesota Insulation Professionals are eligible to receive a rebate check for up to $300 or $500. As an Insulation Rebate Vendor, Century Insulation can install quality insulation that is eligible for current rebate programs.

Insulation Rebates MN| Top Quality Insulation Services

The Minnesota home insulation experts at Century Insulation have been selected by MN energy companies as a Rebate Eligible Insulation Contractor MN. Our technicians provide Top Quality Insulation Services with materials including the following:

Reduce Monthly Heating and Cooling Bills

One of the most effective ways to Lower Monthly Bills for heating and air conditioning is through a home insulation upgrade. Energy Efficient spray foam tops the list as a superior insulating material for many commercial and residential applications. Professional installation is required to receive the maximum benefits and possibly qualify for an Insulation Rebate of up to $500.

Insulation Rebates MN Programs

Homeowners across the state of Minnesota may qualify to receive an Insulation Rebate Check. Major energy providers understand the cost saving benefits of installing energy efficient attic or wall insulation. You can not only lower your monthly bills but also decrease demand during peak usage times. Both Xcel Energy and Center Point Energy are offering rebates to residential customers with qualifying insulation installations.

Guidelines for Receiving an Insulation Rebate MN

Xcel Energy Residential Customers who receive their primary source of heating through Xcel Energy may qualify for a rebate for Air Sealing, Attic Insulation, Wall Insulation or Weatherstripping. Upgrades must be completed by a Registered Insulation Contractor like Century Insulation. Rebate eligible installations include qualifying projects for:

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing where R-values are increased by at least R-25:

  • 20% of project costs up to $300 maximum

Wall Insulation Installation in empty wall cavity where post R-value is 12 or more:

  • 20% of project costs up to $300 maximum

Air Sealing and Weather Stripping projects:

  • 20% of project costs up to $300 maximum

CenterPoint Energy Residential Natural Gas Customers who receive their primary source of heating through CenterPoint Energy may qualify for a rebate for Air Sealing and Attic Insulation. Upgrade must be completed by an Approved Insulation Installer like Century Insulation.

Attic Air Sealing Only:

  • 30% of project costs up to $300 maximum

Attic Air Sealing & Qualifying Attic Insulation:

  • 30% of costs up to $500 maximum

Attic Insulation Only:

  • No Rebate

Qualifying Wall Insulation Projects:

  • 30% of project costs up to $300 maximum

Certified MN Insulation Professionals

Century Insulation is a proud Minnesota Insulation Rebate Vendor that has been approved by both Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy. We expertly install energy efficient spray foam insulation along with other Quality Insulation Services. You may be eligible to receive a Rebate Check for completing insulation upgrades that also lower your monthly utility bills. Ask Us How. We will provide the best service for your home insulation MN project.

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