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Residential Insulation Company in Osseo MN | Types of Residential Insulation


Residential Insulation Company in Osseo MNInsulation is a crucial component of your home’s energy efficiency. The right amount of insulation can help you save money on heating and cooling costs while also keeping your family safe and comfortable. Different types of residential insulation are available, though some are better than others for certain purposes. Here’s a look at some common types of residential insulation so you can choose the best option for your home! Residential Insulation Company in Osseo MN

Insulation is an Important Part of Any Home

In addition to keeping the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, insulation can help with energy bills. Not only does it insulate against heat transfer, but it also helps reduce air leakage. This reduces the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home by up to 30%.

Insulation is also important for controlling noise levels inside a building. Noise reduction is often overlooked as an important benefit of insulation because so many people now live in urban environments where traffic noise and other external sounds are constant parts of daily life. But even if you don’t live right next door to an expressway or busy street, you might still be affected by nearby city noises like construction work, loud music coming from restaurants next door, or even someone making repairs on their property! Insulating your walls will help keep these noises out (or at least down) so that they don’t intrude on your quality time together with friends and family members who visit during parties or quiet family dinners.”

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a great choice for homeowners looking to insulate their homes or add new insulation to older homes. Spray foam is an air and vapor barrier as well as having a high R-value, which makes it a great option for existing houses with older insulation. It can also be used in new construction projects.

In addition to the residential benefits of spray foam, many commercial buildings are insulated with this type of product because of its energy efficiency and ease of installation. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of spray foam insulation or would like help deciding which type might be best for your home, contact us today!

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is made from recycled glass fibers. Fiberglass insulation is a good option for homes with limited attic space. It can also help to insulate homes that have air leaks. Spray foam insulation, in contrast, is the best option for homes with limited attic space and it will also help to insulate your home from air leaks. Spray foam insulation is made from recycled glass fibers as well.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper, so you can feel good about using it. It helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so you won’t have to worry about high energy bills. If you live in an older home, cellulose insulation may be a good choice for you because it’s easy to install in an attic space without cutting into sheetrock or other walls. A professional can install cellulose insulation on your attic floor as well as walls if needed.

Blanket Insulation

The most common type of insulation is called blanket insulation. Blanket insulation is made from fiberglass or mineral wool, and it’s often installed on the ceiling or walls of a home. Blankets can be installed in attics and crawlspaces as well.

Blanket insulation is inexpensive, but it isn’t ideal for every room in your house because it takes up a lot of space and doesn’t offer as much protection against pests as other types do. However, if you’re looking to save money on your project, blanket insulation may be right for you!

Keep Your Home Comfortable With the Right Insulation

The right type of insulation can help you save money on heating and cooling bills, but it can also help you save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and conserve natural resources.

Insulation isn’t just for keeping cold air from seeping into your home in winter (it also works to keep warm air from escaping in summer). Insulating your house is one of the most effective ways to increase its energy efficiency. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint or saving money on energy bills, insulating is an easy way to get started.

Residential Insulation Company in Osseo MN

What type of insulation is right for you? That depends on your home, your budget, and how much time you want to spend on the project. The best thing to do is talk with an insulation expert who can help you decide what’s best for your needs. Our team of insulation professionals at Century Insulation in Osseo, Minnesota is happy to assist you today. Contact us for more information on installing insulation in your home.

Residential Insulation Company in Osseo MN

Residential Insulation Company in Osseo MN

Residential Insulation Company in Osseo MN