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Should I Insulate Interior Walls?

Should I Insulate Interior Walls


You may be asking yourself “should I insulate interior walls?” This question might come up because interior walls do not seem as important as exterior walls when insulating, however, it can be very beneficial to insulate all walls within your home. Here are four reasons why you should insulate interior walls:


Energy Efficiency

Insulating your interior walls can help with the energy efficiency of your home. Interior wall insulation will help keep consistent temperatures in your home. If there is a room you do not use year-round, such as a three-seasons room, it is important to make sure there is good insulation so that when you are not using the room, you are not wasting heating on the unused space. In addition, sometimes some rooms are more drafty or maybe one of your housemates likes having the window open often. If you have good interior wall insulation in your home, a drafty room or open window will not affect the rest of the house as much.


Dampen Sounds

If you insulate your interior walls, it can help dampen sounds. Whether it is video game playing, a loud action movie, someone loudly talking on the phone, or just the bathroom noises, it can be annoying to hear everything happening in the next room. Interior wall insulation can help reduce these sounds from traveling room to room. Insulation cannot completely soundproof the rooms, but it can greatly help dampen the sound so there is some privacy. So if you have a house with a lot of people who are always moving around, or people who have very different bedtimes (such as a young child and a teenager), then you may want to insulate your interior walls to reduce noise.


Fire Protection

Insulating your interior walls can help with fire protection in your home. A fire in your home can be scary especially when it spreads fast. Insulation in your walls can help slow the spread of a fire. Some insulation materials are more fire-resistant than others and some are treated with fire retardants. If you have insulation in interior walls, these types of insulation will protect you a little more.


Moisture Control

Depending on where you live and the rooms you have, you may want to insulate your interior walls to help control moisture in your home. We all know how humid summers in Minnesota can get and we do not want that moisture in our homes. The proper insulation can help control the moisture to prevent unwanted condensation in your home. Interior insulation also helps with moisture control if certain rooms tend to have more moisture, such as a kitchen or bathroom.


Whether you are thinking of installing spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, or cellulose insulation, it is important to make sure you also install the insulation in your interior walls. The experts at Century Insulation in St Paul, Minnesota are great insulation contractors who can help insulate any and all walls in your home. Contact us today!

Should I Insulate Interior Walls

Should I Insulate Interior Walls

Should I Insulate Interior Walls

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