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Where Should Insulation be Installed? (Part 2)

Should Insulation be Installed


To ensure your home stays cool during the summer and warm during the winter, insulation of your home is essential. Many areas need to be insulated in a house so with all the proper insulation, you can help your home stay at a comfortable temperature. Here are some important areas to install insulation: Should Insulation be Installed



Ceilings are an important area to insulate in your home. If you insulate your ceilings, this will greatly help the temperature in your house. Heat rises, so if your ceilings do not have insulation, during the cold months, the heat may escape. To help your home hold its temperature, insulate your ceiling with fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation, or spray foam insulation. Depending on your ceiling and if you have ventilation, one type of insulation may work better than the others.



In addition to your ceilings, floors are another place to insulate your home. Insulating the floors in your house can help with a variety of things. It can help the energy efficiency in your home and help eliminate drafts. Having cold feet makes the rest of your body cold so installing insulation on your floors can help keep your feet warmer since there will be fewer ways for the cold to get in. Or if you are always cold no matter what, you can opt-in for heated floors.


Crawl Space

Another area that is essential to insulate is the crawl space. Crawl spaces and basements may seem like they are the same thing, but they have their differences. A basement is an area that is made for living in whether the basement is finished or not. A crawlspace is not intended for living in, it is typically used for vents or storage and is too short to stand straight often. Even though the crawl space is not intended to live in, it is still important to insulate. Insulation of your crawl space will help the rest of your home hold a consistent temperature. If you insulate your crawl space, this is one less area for heat or air conditioning to escape.


For insulation in your home, contact your local insulation contractor, Century Insulation. We can install fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation, and spray foam insulation in your home. We are your Lexington, Minnesota, insulation contractor and would love to help with your next project!

Should Insulation be Installed

Should Insulation be Installed

Should Insulation be Installed

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