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Risks of Wet Insulation

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Insulation is crucial in keeping your house warm in the winters and cool in summers. It acts as a barrier between the air outside your home and the inside air of your home. For people who live in humid places, their insulation is usually targeted by moisture. Wetness and moisture severely damages the insulation if it is not handled soon. Moreover, the insulation also loses its effectiveness when it is wet. Spray Foam Insulation Near Me Minneapolis Minnesota

The risks of wet insulation are many, some of these risks are high-energy bills, odors, air gaps, condensation mold growth, and even health risks. Furthermore, wet insulation increases the burden on the roof of your house and the overall house structure. This can lead to severe structural damage.

Although replacing insulation might look like an expensive and time-consuming task, it is essential to replace wet insulation to avoid its harmful effects. In addition, if you ignore the risks of wet insulation, then you might need to spend your money on the damage that it causes. Therefore, it is better that you invest in fixing or replacing the wet insulation.


r-value is the most important factor if insulation it depends on the thermal resistance of the material the higher the r-value the more resistance it will provide against the heat. insulation loses its r-value up to 45% when exposed to moisture and humidity. As a consequence, your heating and cooling cost increases.

High energy bills

Wet insulation increases the energy efficiency of your home. When insulation gets wet it loses its ability to conserve energy and your home no longer stays warm or cool for a longer time resulting in high utility bills again. Your appliances will have to operate for a longer period to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature in the house. This is because wet insulation is similar to having no insulation in your home. Therefore, if you notice a sudden boost in your utility bills despite having insulation installed, make sure to check your insulation as it can be the consequence of wet insulation.


If you experience a musty smell from the insulated area in your house, your insulation is likely to be wet. If wet insulation is not treated immediately, mold will begin to grow on it. You will notice black spots all over your insulation. Therefore, without wasting any time further, get your wet insulation checked by a professional insulation company.

Mold growth

If your attic is poorly ventilated, moisture and condensation can form due to the lack of air circulation. Condensation is worse in cold weather. Due to the moisture stress, the insulation gets wet, and the wetness gradually spreads throughout the insulation. When the insulation gets completely drenched, the mold starts to grow in the insulation and even causes the wood to decay. Moreover, the moisture of your insulation can also make your home’s wooden structure moist, and mold can start to  grow on that too.

Health Issues

Lastly, mold exposure can increase the risks of getting throat irritation, respiratory infections, and asthma. Mold can easily grow in moist areas like wet or moist insulation. Therefore, if you experience the above-mentioned symptoms, then immediately check and see if your insulation is wet and moldy or not. If it is, then contact a professional insulation company like us and get it fixed.

If you’re in need of any insulating or air sealing services, then feel free to contact your local insulation contractors in Minneapolis MN at Century Insulation today.

Spray Foam Insulation Near Me Minneapolis Minnesota

Spray Foam Insulation Near Me Minneapolis Minnesota

Spray Foam Insulation Near Me Minneapolis Minnesota

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