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Why Install Spray Foam Insulation This Spring (Part 2)

Spray Foam Insulation This Spring

The best time to get your home insulated with spray foam insulation is now, this spring. Insulation is very important for homes here in Circle Pines, Minnesota because of our extreme weather changes throughout the year. Part one of this blog series went through three reasons why to install spray foam insulation this spring. This blog will go into depth on three more reasons: Spray Foam Insulation This Spring

Save Money

If you install your spray foam insulation now, it can save you money! We all love saving money and one simple way is to hire a spray foam insulation contractor today. If you choose to install spray foam insulation this spring, you can save money because this is the time of year that your heating or AC units are not working that hard since the weather outside is not extremely hot or extremely cold. Take advantage of the mild weather temperatures because then your home will be well insulated when the heat does come and your AC will not have to work as hard. When you have good insulation, you will help your home hold in the cool air more so your AC unit will not have to run as much, therefore, you will save money.


Installing your insulation in the spring will be a more comfortable process than other times of the year. One method of installing spray foam insulation includes having to remove part of the wall so the insulation can be installed inside the wall. If you are installing your insulation during the summer, you and your home might be at higher risk of overheating as you install it since your home is not properly sealed yet. Generally, springtime is a time of the year that the outside weather is comfortable to be in, so during the time of installation, it is still comfortable in your home.

Improve Your Home’s Value

Installing spray foam insulation in your home can increase its value. Many people sell their homes in the spring or summertime and if you are also looking to sell your home during this time, now is the best time to update your insulation. When you update your insulation, it increases your home’s value and can help buyers become more interested in your house. If your home is more energy-efficient, it can help your home become more attractive on the market because everyone loves saving money in the long run and it will help with lowering the cost of some of the heating and cooling bills on your house.

If you install spray foam insulation in your home during this time of the year, you will see some good benefits. It can save you money in the long run because it will help decrease heating and cooling bills, it will be more comfortable to install the insulation now, and it will increase your home’s value for when you are wanting to sell. Make installing your insulation part of your spring projects list today! We at Century Insulation in Circle Pines, MN will help you install spray foam insulation in your home this spring. Contact us today to see what can do for you!

Spray Foam Insulation This Spring

Spray Foam Insulation This Spring

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