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Where Should Insulation be Installed? (Part 1)

Where Should Insulation be Installed


Insulation in your house is important but you may be asking where exactly should the insulation be installed. There are many areas of the house that benefit from insulation for different reasons. Here are four places you should insulate in your home: Where Should Insulation be Installed


Exterior Walls

One of the most important places to insulate your home is the exterior walls. These walls are the barrier between the outside elements and the inside of your home. Your exterior walls must have good insulation to keep the outside elements outside. Exterior walls are often thicker than interior walls so they can insulate your home well especially when there are significant temperature differences between the indoors and outdoors. Proper insulation of your exterior walls will help keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer.


Interior Walls

In addition to exterior walls, interior walls are necessary to insulate too. Some people may think insulating interior walls is not important to insulate because they are on the inside of your home. However, there are many benefits of insulating interior walls. Insulating interior walls will help with energy efficiency, dampening sound, fire protection, and more! Read more about why you should insulate interior walls in your home on our blog.



The attic is important to insulate in your home. You may think that insulating the attic may not do much however attic insulation is essential. Insulating your attic can help prevent ice dams from building up on your house. Also, the proper insulation will help with air circulation in your home. Attic insulation will benefit your home’s energy efficiency so when installing insulation in your home, make sure to include your attic.



The basement is usually the lowest level in your home. Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, it is a good idea to insulate your basement. The basement is often the coldest room in the house especially since the heat rises. If you insulate your basement, this can help make your basement less drafty and a better living space. It can also help reduce moisture from accumulating in your basement. If your basement is properly insulated, it can help keep the temperature in your whole home more regulated, so your heating system does not have to work as hard.


Insulation in your home is essential, especially in a place like Minneapolis Minnesota, where we have extremely cold winters and hot summers. Century Insulation is the local insulation contractor for you and your home project. Contact us today to learn more!

Where Should Insulation be Installed

Where Should Insulation be Installed

Where Should Insulation be Installed

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