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Why Install Spray Foam Insulation This Spring (Part 1)

Why Install Spray Foam Insulation This Spring

You may be asking why should you install spray foam insulation in your home this spring when it seems like something you could do any time of the year. There are advantages to installing insulation during this time of the year. These two blogs will go into each of the reasons why. Here are the first three reasons: Why Install Spray Foam Insulation This Spring


A reason why you may want to install spray foam insulation this spring is that there is more availability now. Summer and winter can be busy times for insulation companies because when it is the extreme weather (very hot or very cold), that is when people are thinking of installing insulation the most so insulation contractors‘ schedules fill up quickly. Spring and fall tend to have more mild weather temperatures, so this is a perfect time to schedule an appointment to update your insulation since there is more availability. Also, If you install your insulation now, you will have time during the summer for other home projects!

Allergy Relief

We all know that with spring weather comes spring allergies. Those of us who have allergies can have a hard time being outside in the spring when pollen is high. It is better to be inside where the air is filtered out so your allergies do not act up. If you install spray foam insulation, this will help you get some allergy relief quickly as it creates an extra barrier between the outside air and the air in your home. Now is the perfect time to take action to limit your allergy symptoms before it becomes too much.

Prepare for Summer

By installing spray foam insulation this spring, you will prepare your home for summertime. Here in Minnesota, we have harsh winters, but we cannot forget about how hot our summers can get too. The summers can get very hot and humid, and when it is humid and hot outside, we want to be able to go inside to a nice air-conditioned house to escape it. If you update your insulation this spring, then you will be well prepared for those hot summer days to come. Do not get caught off guard because that hot summer weather will be here before you know it!

Installing your insulation this spring can help in many ways. Three reasons why you may want to install spray foam insulation this spring is because there is more availability now, it can provide allergy relief, and it will help prepare you for summer. Contact a spray foam installation contractor in Lexington, MN today to help with your installation. Century Insulation can install your spray foam insulation or if you prefer, fiberglass and cellulose insulations. Contact us today to learn more!

Why Install Spray Foam Insulation This Spring

Why Install Spray Foam Insulation This Spring

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