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Why Upgrade Your Insulation to Spray Foam Insulation? (Part 3)

 why spray foam insulation upgrade

The right type of insulation is important for your space whether it is your home or your business. You often do not see the insulation, but it is hard at work keeping you comfortable and safe inside. If you are looking to upgrade your insulation, here are some things you should consider about spray foam insulationwhy spray foam insulation upgrade

Keeps Out Pests

Spray foam insulation is a very effective method for keeping unwanted pests out of your home. These include the infamous termite, which can cause extensive damage and require expensive repairs. In addition, spray foam insulation will keep rodents—such as mice and rats—out of your home’s walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces. By stressing that spray foam insulation does not attract these pests and helps maintain a dry environment in which they cannot survive, you can prevent the likelihood of having to deal with a pest problem in the future. Spray foam creates multiple barriers against pests making their way into your living space: physical barriers from the solid nature of the material itself and chemical barriers from its ingredients. Spray foam also provides resistance to fire and water damage, further helping maintain a healthy environment inside your home.

Makes Your Home More Comfortable

With spray foam insulation, you can make your home more comfortable for years to come. The beauty of spray foam is that it fills in all the cracks and gaps you miss with traditional fiberglass insulation. Without those leaks, hot and cold air stay where they should and do not mix together to create uncomfortable drafts and hot spots. Spray foam insulation also creates a tighter building envelope that stops pests from getting inside. It even stops moisture from collecting, which prevents mold growth. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, spray foam insulation improves the quality of your indoor air to make it a more comfortable day today.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Upgrading your insulation in your home to spray foam insulation will help increase the value of your home. Spray foam insulation is a high-quality insulator that can upgrade your home in good ways, especially when you are looking to sell your house soon. New homeowners will greatly appreciate having insulation that will keep their house of good quality over the years. When selling a house, newly installed spray foam insulation is a great benefit to list. The potential buyers will know it was an investment but an investment that will keep their home safe from pests, moisture, drafts, and more!

Spray foam insulation is a great option for insulation and it has many benefits. If you want to upgrade your home or business’s insulation to spray foam, reach out to a local spray foam insulation company today. Century Insulation in Lexington, MN would love to help with your upgrade! We want to make sure you are well satisfied so contact us today!

why spray foam insulation upgrade

why spray foam insulation upgrade

why spray foam insulation upgrade

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